n8 - what are you up to?

crowdsourced events to meet new people through real-life activities.
looking for party people? searching for a running partner to stay motivated?
or just want to make new friends in the city?

join 0 people on the waiting list.

get out there and meet new friends

there will be a native app for android and ios. if you have an idea what feature should be included or want to share your story, visit this public google doc and write down your thoughts or send me a email.

chill together

up for a relaxed night at a bar? or maybe your neighbour plans a BBQ? join them for a fun night and get to know the neighbourhood!

party together

up for some dancing but none of your friends want to go? now you have a group of friends that you can rely on. just join the #partying pool and get notified when people head into the city.

sport together

up for some running? road-cycling? or maybe for an intense workout at the gym? we believe that sport is better together. so what are you waiting for?

an open community

hey there, i'm frederik, the creator of n8. i just wanted to let you know that n8 is not a multi-million dollar vc funded start-up - it's built by the guy who could live next door. that's why i need your help.

n8 should be an app where you can meet new people through activities and make new friends. after finishing my studies and starting as a freelancer I realized that life can be quite lonely when you move to a new city and are older than 25. it's hard to make new friends.

i want to change that. and if you help me with your ideas / feedback / spreading-the-word i really believe that we can make this happen.

...a trailer created for the first version of n8 🎉

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it's one small step for a (wo-) man

We need your support. Please tell your friends about this idea so we can build a great community together. If you have any ideas, questions or feedback, just drop me a line. Let's connect this world together!

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You are in 👍

That's the spirit! There's one last step though: please check your mails and confirm that you are really this awesome.

Cheers 🍸

You are on the list and won't miss the launch! That's pretty awesome. Now go and tell your friends about it.

Have a great day and stay safe, Frederik.